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About The Photos

  I photograph what I know.  I have lived in New Mexico for over fifty years, in the West almost my entire life.  Familiarity brings with it challenge and opportunity.  The challenge is to see with fresh eyes and to photograph that which you know so well.  The opportunity is that you can bring to the work deeper understanding and appreciation of your subjects.  I avoid the iconic preferring instead to attend to the details that evoke a feeling of the whole.  So far as is possible, I render pictures so that the primary source, what is being photographed, commands attention.  If I succeed, your attention is drawn to the thing itself and my hand is invisible.

  I make black & white prints in a traditional style. For years I made them in a wet darkroom but now work exclusively in the digital darkroom. The printing process I use is described in the Purchase section. The photos on my webpage are examples of photographic prints many of which have been shown and sold in New Mexico and Colorado.  Some pictures suggest names and I assign them accordingly. For others, no names come to mind and I leave them nameless.

  All of these pictures have been printed.  Most have been shown in public shows and galleries in New Mexico and Colorado.  A number of them are in private and public collections.  A description of the printing techniques is given with the Purchase icon.

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